TMG-2000SM  Monitoring System

  • Monitors power supplies for voltage and ripple
  • Temperature monitoring for ambient and in-cabinet sensors
  • Hi/Lo limits for individual inputs, with alarm capability
  • Contact in/out monitoring for critical contact sensors
  • Control console capability
  • Easily expandable
  • USB interface
  • Any platform, any host computer
The TMG-2000SM is an extremely valuable maintenance/operations tool for real-time monitoring of total system operation.  Using the TMG2000 Control Console, a technician or operator can quickly and accurately determine the operating status of power supplies, equipment cabinet temperatures, monitor contact inputs and log these for reference.  The built in alarm features will alert the operator of any abnormal condition which should occur during system operation.

The superior design of the TMG-2000SM allows for easy installation with a system(s).  Once installed the TMG-2000SM acquires monitored device data continuously and communicates these data values to the Control Console using a single cable per subsystem.

This proactive approach to monitoring operating parameters provides the user with a tool to immediately identify and replace failing elements within a device comprised of many subsystems as in flight simulators and power plants generation systems.


TMG-2000  MicroRTU
The heart of the TMG2000 monitoring system is a microcomputer Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) which does the necessary polling of the connected data points and converts these analog/digital inputs into usable engineering units.  Once the conversion is accomplished, these values are transmitted to the Control console (PC) for display and alarming if necessary.
  • Micro Controller
  • 8 digital channels
  • 4 analog channels
  • 2 relay closures
  • 2M rom memory



High voltage 24 

I/O16 16bit-channel Digital I/O

Relay 8/IN8 16-channel Relay